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Groups at Gateway are how we help people move from sitting in rows to getting into circles where we can discover how to follow Jesus and help others do the same.  We encourage everyone to find a group to be a part of.


We have two types of groups:

  • Discipleship groups (Bible-based, ongoing)
  • Growth groups (topic-based, group length may be determined by topic)


Your Options:

  1. You can find out more about one of the groups below by clicking on the picture of the group or use the menu on the left to see a listing of all the groups once you are logged into our web app called CCB.
  2. If you do not already have a CCB login, click here to request your login activation. Once you receive your login activation email and create your account, you’ll be able to sign up for groups using the tabs located to the left.
  3. Click the facilitator's name to email them and get your questions answered.


Discipleship Groups:



Sun-2:00 PM-Monie - open to all Poulsbo-Email Facilitator

Sun-5:00 PM-Pearson, M - women only Poulsbo-Email Facilitator

Sun-5:00 PM-White - open to all Poulsbo-Email Facilitator

Sun-Evening-Duchemin - young couples Poulsbo-Email Facilitator

Thu-5:30 PM-Pearson, C - women only Poulsbo-Email Facilitator

Thu-5:30 PM-Slette (open to all) Poulsbo-Email Facilitator

Thu-6:30 PM-Beaver/Koptieff - open to all Port Orchard-Email Facilitator

Thu-6:30 PM-Peterson discipleship group (women only) Poulsbo-Email Facilitator

Thu-6:30 PM-Santillana - Spanish speaking Poulsbo-Email Facilitator

Thu-Evening-Ross - open to all Poulsbo-Email Facilitator

Tue-6:30 PM-Cheadle - women only Poulsbo-Email Facilitator

Tue-7:00 PM-Rovik - women only Kingston-Email Facilitator

Wed-6:30 PM-Fischer - open to all At the Church-Email Facilitator

Wed-6:30 PM-Hensley - women only Poulsbo-Email Facilitator




Growth Groups:


Mon-10:00 AM-Staying Positive in This Negative World (women) Poulsbo-Email Facilitator

Mon-10:00 AM-The Armor of God At the Church-Email Facilitator

Mon-6:00 PM-Berean School of the Bible Silverdale-Email Facilitator

Mon-6:30 PM-Celebrate Recovery At the Church-Email Facilitator

Sat-10:00 AM-Martha's Helpers At the Church-Email Facilitator

Sat-7:30 AM-Men's Roundtable (Saturdays) At the Church-Email Facilitator

Sat-7:30 AM-The Women at the Well At the Church-Email Facilitator

Sun-5:00 PM-The Art of Marriage (Heffley/Eaton) At the Church-Email Facilitator

Thu-1:00 PM-Revelation (women) At the Church-Email Facilitator

Thu-6:00 PM-Unfiltered Young Adults At the Church-Email Facilitator

Thu-9:30 AM-Moms & More 2018-2019 At the Church-Email Facilitator

Tue-12:30 PM-Blessed Life At the Church-Email Facilitator

Tue-7:00 PM-Men's Roundtable (Tuesdays) At the Church-Email Facilitator

Wed-10:00 AM-Sharon's Growth Group -Email Facilitator

Wed-6:30 PM-CHOICE At the Church-Email Facilitator